We have BM 3.7 on a NW 5.1 network.

I have no problem with VPN from home.
My home interneet connection is dial-up and
then I use the Novell VPN client in LAN mode.
From home, I can ping every server in our network
with no problems.

We have a vendor that we wont to let into our network.
They loaded the Novell VPN Client 3.7 on a WinXP computer
and are VPNing out of their LAN through their firwall to
our BM server.

The VPN client makes the connection, but they can't ping
anything on our LAN. The computer at their end has an IP
address of with a mask of
Our VPN tunnel IP address is with a mask
of Could this be the source of the problem?

What are the best practices for addressing?