I have two SBS 6.0(SP2) servers. One is the file and everything else server...the other is the BM 3.6 server. I'm trying to connect from
DSL connection behind a Linksys BEFWS114 router straight to the BM
server. I get the error tree or server cannot be found. When I
the login to NW in the VPN client I do connect to the VPN server, but
I am
unable to ping anything. I know the the protected/encrypted network
only the public IP of the server only. The NAT on the public side of
BM server is dynamic only. I have tried with the filters on and
also using the latest client for XP (4.83sp2) and the vpn.

(Note: I followed Craig's recommended install posted on his website
for BM
3.6 on NW 6.0(SP2).

Thank you for your help,
Tawn McDowell