Hi! We are in the process of migrating our XP PC to Windows 7. And since we are using ZENworks 10.3.1 we have to create a base image that we run sysprep on. Then we deploy this image using our ZENworks server. Our first batch of 30 PC works ok even if it's not perfect. So I am now trying to fully automate everything and correct the bugs. The first thing that I can see is when the user try to log in the credentials are not transfer from the novell Client to iPrint nor to ZENworks. Here's the details about our configuration:

Windows 7 Pro x64 French
Novell Client 2 SP1 IR5
iPrint v5.56
ZENworks 10.3.1

So the user have to enter is credentials in the Novell Client. Then he also needs to retype his credentials in iPrint. Finally, he has to do it again in the ZENworks (Casa) window. I consider this a serious BUG! Does anyone have the same problem? Anyone find a way to correct this? Do I need to open an SR with this? And since the printer policies in ZENworks 10.3.1 have so many problems and bugs I just can't deploy my printers that way. So my last option to automate this is to try to deploy the iPrint printers by command line. But then the credentials problem get in the way!

So I sure like to know when the Novell Client 2 SP1 IR6 will be available and what fix it will include!?!