I've had a branch with no voice or data circuits all day today. I
reported the issue at 8am this morning. Data came back up at 8:30pm.
When I asked what the resolution was, they said, we don't know. It came
back up on it's own before they LEC (Verizon) (Provider is Level3) could
find the problem. Voice is still down at 1am. Well that's peachy. It
took you 12.5 hours to not find out what the problem was.

Several times today I called on this and for the voice circuit and I was
told they couldn't loop the smart jack and that Verizon was dispatching
to look at it. I just got off the phone with them (1am), and the ticket
says there is a power issue in my office. No, there is not. I am not
only remoted to my office but I'm in the phone system remotely looking
at the T1 card diagnostics. It's up and running.

So he says ok let me have them test the circuit again. Hmm Looks like
they can't loops the smart jack and Verizon will need to come out.
Well the telecom stuff is in a shared data closet with an exterior door.
I can't very well get hold of someone at 2am on a Saturday to get it
to them. (I probably could but I would have a highly irritated person
for doing so). I certainly could have all day today while they claimed
they were dispatching. I hope I can get them into it this weekend.
The smartjack is their equipment, not mine, so telling me that there's a
problem with my equipment is not appreciated either.

Of course at one point when I called today they said oh the circuit is
up. No, it's not I told them, call it before you tell me that and
you'll see it's not up.

So basically a whole freaking day wasted of them telling me they
escalated it through tier 1, 2, 3 and Verizon was dispatched working on
the issue when that clearly did not happen.

In the mean time I've got people at that branch justifiably angry and
some of that will undoubtedly rub off in my direction.

Here's another tip for Telco providers. If you are going to enter a
comment into the ticket that says "Customer action required", contact
your ****ed customer and tell them this instead of waiting for them to
call you for the 12th time to check status.