There seems to be quite a few topics relating to this, but I have not found anything that specifically targets what I am looking for. To begin with, I am a bit unfamiliar with SuSE OES or NetWare, so if people want to toss out relevant documentation, that would be quite helpful as well.

The main issue is our server room loses power rather frequently. We run APC UPSs, but often times they are tapped out. Attached to the Novell server are 4 RAID/JBODs and a number of Windows 7 64bit hosts running the NetWare client. Ideally, I would like to manage the APC from the Novell server. Once it kicks on, it begins shutting down the Windows hosts. It would be better if I could check if a particular process is running. If it is, it would be nice to have that machine enter standby so that work isn't lost. Once all the hosts are offline, the Novell server could shutdown.

I would like to accomplish this using the native applications currently running (Novell OES stuff and NetWare clients); however, any solution would be great at this point. If I need to provide some more information or description of my problems, please feel free to ask. Thank you.