The World is in recession and economics has become the driving factor that
is affecting us all ~ Truism?

We are all older and hopefully wiser, less flippant, bogged down with
mortgages, loans, doubts as to our past decisions, and definitely less
confident as to what we have actually achieved.

We now have kids (and probably grandchildren too), and we note that our kids
are now focused on their kids rather than their parents (us).

We are starting (if not having done so) recognising that we are on this
planet to procreate because, that is what Nature intended (no offence
intended to those with a faith).

....and yet, we are all in various states of survivable (for a period) good
health and hoping (nay, expecting) to last as long as we can.

Consequently, may I suggest that...

"Life is actually Beautiful and Wondrous"

....and that the empathy (we all experience difficulties of some sort or
another) of our Colleagues and Friends is a true comfort and respite from
our difficulties.

In conclusion, may I just say, 'It is Great to be back' and that I intend to
re-inject both Insanity and Absurdity into the forum ~ may I have your
collective approval please?

P.S. I believe I may even come appallingly nowhere in competing with
Felton's past achievements.

P.S.S. Ok, Ben ~ I have thrown down the Gauntlet ~ Are you going to let a
has-been trample all over your youthful heritage?


Simon Bolingbroke
(To quote NCCI ~ Do you remember him? ;-)