I have lots of the following messages:
xadsd: [DRS] DRSCrackNames: failed to crack name DOMAIN\User[2] to [9]:
No such object

I know, that in my case this happens every time when an application is
checking some performance data via WMI remotely. This only happens on
one PC, all other PCs don't give any errors. It has nothing to do with
the user because I tried several different users with the same result.
And it seems to be not permanent as the application is able to get all
data it asks, without throwing any error. In the eventlog on the PC
there are no errors, too.

My questions are: Can these error be ignored safely - or should I dig
What is the meaning of the numbers in brackets [2] and [9]?
Why is xadsd unable to find the User, if the User exists in DOMAIN?

Thanks for any insights in advance.

W. Prindl