I seem to have inadvertedly removed update 10.3.1 in an attempt to baseline it and now I can't get it back. I have followed the manual download process and run the command to import it which reports that it is working and may be tracked via ZCC. It doesn't appear. 10.3.2 has downloaded but I don't want to install this if it prevents me from updating to version 11.

We are still in the testing phase of Zen 10 and within the last two weeks our zenworks 7 staff policy has stopped applying to some users in the OU but not others. Testing on zenworks 10 discovered that whatever the problem is with these staff with zen 7 it is working in zen 10.

What is best practice here. Should I persue Zenworks 10 with all it's bugs trying to edit policies after they're imported from Zen 7 etc or should I take the plunge and upgrade to 11 and try to migrate everything straight from 7 to 11?