I have a three node Star topology Site to Site VPN.

All servers NW5.1 SP3 and BM 3.5SP3. NWADMIN 5.19f. DS 8.77-28(?)

Due to an ISP mistake one DSL line was disconnected (Slave VPN site)
but the
reconnect will be with a different IP address. I was going to do the
Remove Slave config from slave VPN server, Remove Slave config from
VPN server in NWADMIN, change Slave IP address, recreate the slave VPN

I removed the Slave VPN info on the slave server and changed its IP

Then I went to the Master VPN server and ran NWADMIN and clicked on
BorderManager Setup to navigate to the VPN tab and remove the slave
NWADMIN returns an error message: "The NDS schema cannot be extended.
Error -659"

I checked the KB and found articles TID 10015358 and 10021108.

The server times are within 1 minute of each other so 10021108 seems
to be
the real problem, am I correct or is something else a possibility?

The remedial actions in 10021108 require using download BM3RMV3.EXE
running the NLMs contained. If this is correct, which NLM should I run
isn't there other cleanup to do such as Filters in FILTCFG?

Other background info if helpful:

Master and Slave1 are online, working and communicating. NWADMIN fails
run against either server.

Slave2, disconnected from old DSL line, pending activation of new DSL
NWADMIN does NOT get the error. It is the DS Master replica (not sure
if I
am technically describing that right).

Your help is much appreciated.