Again,, might just be me that's getting old or something,
but all of a sudden, in my Gwclient's inbox, Im not having any mails
in betwen 28/1 and today's date. I do have mails in other folders
which are auto-sorted by sender like clients, suppliers etc..

So, by any reason, it really must have been me that's deleted all
mails between these 2 dates, but I simply can't see that happening.

Also, they are still in my mobile which is synced through mobility.
This "experienced issue" (true or not) probably occured when I choose
to re-initialize my gw-account in the mobility portal.

So,, again, might just have been me, though I dont think so,
Im just afraid if the POA is loosing mail's all of a sudden, would
that scenario be possible at all ?, could that happen in such a way
that mail in the inbox get lost while other mails in folders do not ?

New POA just installed on Linux/OES2 were my accound was moved a
couple of weeks ago. Also there I get gwcheck messages about unused
blob files again and again.....