hi, i have a question which is a bit long winded but it pays to get
question right first time doesn't it.

i have a server, running netware 5.0, with two interfaces, one public
one private. the public interface is 192.168.100.x and the private
interface is 192.168.2.x. the 100 network is connected to a cisco
router, which is running nat. the public ip address of the cisco
router is
195.17x.xxx.xxx. we have another network on the wan, connected via a
line which is 192.168.3.x. currently the .3 network is runnign
netware 5.0,
but has no border manager facilities running.

firstly, i want to be able to connect to the network using the client
site vpn client, then i wish to be able to have both the .2 and .3
connecting via the site to site vpn client.

i have read the vpn chapter's in craig's book on manager but want to
iron a
out a couple of issues:

when i setup my master vpn server do i use the 195.17x.xxx.xxx address
the public address? this may sound odd, but i ask this because when i

tested the client to site client on the internal lan i could not
using the 195.17x.xxx.xxx address, i had to use the internal
private address of the server.

what extra configuartion will i need to put into my cisco router to
the incoming vpn traffic, if any? i may need to ask that question on
cisco forum!

when i configure the client to site vpn client on a remote computer i
i must put the 195.17x.xxx.xxx address as the server address to log
are there any other issues i should be aware of on the remote pc,
which will
be rkunning wither w2k or xp?


David Dwyer
Talos Ltd