Running GW802.hp2 and Mob build 290.

Today, I just discovered something scary.
Scary as in "Im getting old and completly loosing my memory" or scary
as in; this might be a bad bug....Im not saying that IS the case, but
Im starting to wonder..

We've got a setup with GW802.hp2 on Netware, been running well for a
long time. For some weeks, my gw-account was transferred to a newly
setup POA on Linux/OES to try it out for stability etc..
So far = all good.

Today, Hade some issues with my sync. for one thing, one email showed
up as un-read all the time, also on the startscreen on the phone.
So, for the sake of it, and since I had the time, I tested the
re-initialize user option in mobility, and after a while, it started
to re-sync and now the scary part beginns...

All mail's in my inbox after the 28jan until the 13feb are gone in my
Groupwise client.
Instead, they are still(or again) there on the phone ?

Mails from sub-folders were I got autosorted mails based on
client/customer/supplier,etc, do NOT seem affected by this. Only the
actual inbox (as far as I can tell )
Off course the other scary option is that I simply must have deleted
all those mails myself which I simply can NOT remember doing.
Another strange thing I notice is;
Since many of these mails are something I'd like to keep, I thought
I'd move them from the inbox to some other folder on the phone so that
they dont get lost on the next sync, but...I can't....
I can choose a mail, I can choose move to "folder xxx" whatever, and
within a couple of seconds it comes back a pop-up stating that the
move failed.

Some other wild guesses; the time-frame, approxy 2 weeks, is the same
as the "keep mails for 2 weeks" (or whatever the exact phrase is).
Somehow, the phone had "the 2 weeks" of mail in it; Im choosing to
re-initialize the user in mobility, and somehow the 2 weeks of mail in
the mobile are the exact mails now gone from my groupwise account ?

IS that even possible ? again, sorry if Im wrong, I could off course
have managed to manually delete these week's of mail myself, but if
so, shouldn't they also have been deleted on the mobile during the
syncs ?

Really worried...