Hi All,

Iím having some trouble with reports when trying to find the size of OST/PST files in our environment. Each time I run the report, only 1 device gets returned with all the information that I require but nothing else.

The inventory settings are set on device folders, and the Collect Software File Information option has been ticked on Scan now/First Scan/Recurring Scan.
The collect .exe files option has been ticked, and I have typed in ost+pst in the additional extensions box. Apart from this, everything is set as default.

The report itself is as follows (pretty basic!);

Device Is Retired = No and
Folder (ZENworks) = /devices/workstations/STFC and
File Extension = ost

File Name
File Extension
File Category
File Size
File Folder
Machine Name

The schedule is set for once a week, although using the scan now function doesnít kick the report into life. I have tried the settings above on all workstations as well but still no luck. I have also tried this on a different device folder, and again the report only brought back one result (a different device though!). I have also tried to specify the search under the 'Files and paths to include in collection:' although not sure if this is right;


I have also run reports on excel files in pretty much the same way, and this seemed to work fine. All workstations in this environment are running Win XP, using ZenWorks

If anyone has any ideas of something to try it would be much appreciated! Or if you need more detail then please let me know... Iím not sure what else to try!