We are currently running an OES Netware 6.5 server, sp8 with Groupwise and WebAccess 8, sp1 I believe. Webaccess is currently using a self-signed certificate and I want to purchase and switch this over to an external CA such as Digicert.

I have read through the digicert pages about creating a CSR file and then installing the new certificate into the tree and think I follow it fairly well.

Currently, with our self signed certificate, my users have always gotten a warning in internet explorer which they have simply bypassed. The warning lists two problems, the certificate is from an untrusted authority, which the new certificate should fix, and the name in the certificate does not match the website or something like that.

I would like to eliminate the "name in the certificate does not match the website" error. When I create the CSR do I need

This is the step that I am unsure about. I am thinking the second warning occurs because the certificate was created using an IP address instead of the website address.

Scott Schaffer
Network Admin
Olive Waller Zinkhan & Waller LLP