I'm running GW 8 sp2 on OES Linux SLES 10 / OES 2 This system has been VERY stable and has been running just fine for the last several years. I have not made any changes to the system recently, other than the patch channel patches. This GW server has a GWIA, an MTA, and two POs on it.

One of the POs has now crashed four times in the last three days (twice this morning) The error is:

fvlgw:/media/nss/GWVOL/gwlogs/teachpo # *** glibc detected *** ./gwpoa: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x087a60e8 ***

When I restart the post office, I get a DA03 error mailed to me.

I have searched the forums and found a suggestion to add the line ulimit -n 2048 to the /etc/init.d/grpwise startup file. I did that on Saturday and have had three crashes since.

Anyone have any idea what I can do next. I'm starting to panic!