Netware 6.5 sP8 server, We started seeing 6038 error messages and then upon rebooting server found that eDirectory database will not open. Seeming that the database would not open, I've removed this server from the replica ring so that business can continue.

I may also be seeing a strange thing with NSS volumes. Volumes seem to have enough space, but SYS was reporting 22% free and is now reporting 2% free.

SYS1 has gone from 6% free to 2% free. I've deleting several Gig of this 250G volume and it seems like I'm not reclaiming any used space

I'm working from least invasive up, so I'm still looking for some files to delete.

I've ran nss purge and nss verify and all seems fine. My last step would be to run the nss rebuild.

Thanks for any tips,