I've had a rather peculiar problem develop about a month ago and, after working on it during that time and trying several things as suggested by various TIDs and forums, am at kind of a loss on where to look and was hoping someone here might be able to help? I have five VM servers set up and on-line. My three NW65SP8 servers with NSS volumes, the building server for my building, the proxy server for the Internet, and the web server all are losing their pools and volumes for some reason while the IPCOP server appears to be working fine as did two SUSE10/OES2 servers I had set up as test/potential migration servers, although I haven't thoroughly checked them.

The servers themselves remain up but I get a "Device "[V350-A2-D0:0] VMware Virtual Disk f/w:1.0" deactivated by driver due to device failure" error, and of course, "Error writing to the directory on <server>/VOL1 or SYS", etc." I can reset the servers and they come back up normally and stay that way until this happens again when they all deactivate their pools/volumes, something that has been happening about once or two a week.

Any ideas or where to look or what to use to fix this would sincerely be appreciated. One of the TIDs suggested using a newer version of SCSIHD to 3.03.10, but the problem continued after downloading and updating that file(s).

These are NW65SP8 on a VMware ESXi 4.1.0.

Thank you!