We' got a smallish GroupWise system with 2 MTAs, 2 POAs, & 2 GWIAs, all running GW Ver 8. System is running smooth and stable, now we want to integrate Teaming/Vibe, outbound from Teaming/Vibe is setup and working, now we want to get outbound from GroupWise to Teaming/Vibe working. Right now both of our GWIAs are configured to forward all messages to our out sourced Virus/SPAM scanner and the Teaming/VIBE server is not exposed to the outside. So I would like to be able to send messages from my GroupWise system to directly to Teaming/Vibe, both systems have inside IPs, but I'm at a loss as to how to do it with out turning off the outbound relay. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm willing to setup a 3rd GWIA but how would I force all the Teaming/Vibe traffic to it, can you set a default GWIA for an external domain?