I've been contemplating getting a MiFi device. T-Mobile will be coming out one
next month I think, and then there's AT&T or Verizon. I was wondering though,
if anyone here is using a Windows Mobile or Android device on T-Mobile as a
personal hotspot.

I was reading about using a cheap Windows Mobile phone as a MiFi device, and
while some might think this would be more expensive there are two considerations
at play:

1. I could probably pick up a "cheap" WinMo phone on eBay and need no contract

2. We actually have a T-Mobile account that is still under contract, and could
be used as the account for WinMo phone in this case. We've been T-Mobile
customers for 8.5 years, and they really reduced our charges when I phoned them
about shutting this phone down, but it is still there, and could actually be
used and turn out less expensive than a real MiFi device. (After all of their
massaging of our account, it's costing us something like $15 a month to keep,
and would cost more to cancel the contract than to just keep until the contract
runs out).

So, the kicker is, of course, that T-Mobile is charging a tethering fee for
Android phones. I don't know about WinMo. Also, I guess if you "root" the
Android or put modified software on the WinMo phone they can use other MiFi
tethering software as well. I just don't know if it's worth the hassle.

Has anyone actually successfully used a WinMo or Android phone on T-Mobile as a
personal hotspot (let's say this year just to stay current), and if so, did you
use the T-Mobile sanctioned methods, or other software? I think really the big
savings would be in the cost of the device, not in the cost of the data plan (or
in the case of the phone, a dataplan/voiceplan, but our voice plan is already
included as it's a family plan. I can probably get something pretty cheap on
eBay for a phone, not so sure about a MiFi device.


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