at a customer I have a tough VPN Problem:

NW6.0.3 + BM3.6SP2a + TCP607j

NW6.0.3 SBS + BM3.6sp2a

After applying the NW6sp3 to the master, the master still
showed that the VPN connection was established, IP and IPX,
the slave server showed up in the rconsole.exe server's list

from the slave side no pings could be done to the masters

Then also to the slave server the NW6SP3 and BM3.6sp2a was
applied. Result was, that this server kicked out all his
NIC informations. That was redone, assigned public and private
IF's. The VPN-Tunnel did not come up. So I redid the VPMASTERs
Encryption Information, sent the MINFO.VPN, at this moment
I could ping the SLAVE's public IP, the person at the other
site generated the slaves crypto info, and in the second
that was finished I could not ping that public IF of the
slave any more (???!?)

Well, I received the SINFO.VPN, added it in NWADMN32. After
that the IPX tunnel was established, but the vpslave does
*not* show up any more in the vpmaster's network.

Status in nwadmin for IPX there is a green arrow outbound
(active) a red arrow outbound for IP (waiting).

PING in both directions is not possible, even if IPFLT
is unloaded on both sides.

Mail Transfer from and to that site is possible (smtp direct)

More info about the networks:

VPN Master:
Public IP Address: xxx.xxx.70.46
Public IP Mask:

VPN Tunnel IP Address:
VPN Tunnel IP Mask:

VPN Slave:
yyy.yyy.193.229 mask *.248
VP Tunnel =

I can ping from our network *both* servers, our IP-Address
range is a subnet of the same class C as the VPMASTER:
xxx.xxx.70.206 mask .248

In INETCFG vptunnel board is enabled on both servers (TID 2936146)
the VPN crypto information was redone 2 times.

Any ideas?

Thanks, R. Thilo