I'm new to SLES/OES but familiar with Netware. I've installed a test OESSP3 server in it's own tree and have followed the documentation during the install.

The documentation goes in to great detail about some points of configuration. Towards the end of the configuration, under the Users section there is a configuration page called User Authentication Method, which lists:
Windows Domain

as options with Local selected by default.

The documentation doesn't refer to the page other than to say that "The installation concludes with the following steps: 1. User Authentication Method 2. ..." etc. Whichever option is selected there is additional, undocumented, configuration required when I select Next.

As this is going to be a server do I need local users, or is there a requirement for a local management user?
And if so which is the best option to select, Local or LDAP?
Does this part of the configuration have any bearing on how other users will authenticate?