Am I doing something wrong here? I"ve been reading all of the client
problems on here for months now and I still have problems, using a
BEFSR41. Works fine without it.
It's the famous 'Tree or server cannot be found'
Is it a double NATing problem??? Or is it that ID57 protocol problem?Also tried D-Link DL-704p router, same problem.
1 Netware 5.1 SP5 using BM 3.7 SP1
Linksys has WAN DHCP interface, LAN interface
Server public interface, private mask for both
VPN set as mask
Using all the usual setting you guys talk about in this forum:
-Dynamic and Static NAT with private to private mapping
-Encrypt specified network in NWAdmin
-Can connect without selecting 'Login to Netware' on client
-Cannot ping private side or public side of server
-Added servername and tree to local Hosts file
-Checked for tips (spelling ??)
I've spent too many hours working on this, at 2 different sites.
Any help would be appreciated. I probably have to wait for v3.8 BM.