I am new to eDir and was trying to install a new tree with DSfW. I have planned my tree beforehand and have decided where to put my server object or user objects etc.

However I was on the second step of installing eDir - "New Tree Information" when I found out that the FDN admin name with context was already filled in with "cn=Admin.cn=User.dc=example.dc=com" and greyed out and therefore I cannot modify it. Furthermore the next page which is "Local Server Configuration", the Server Context was already filled in with "ou=novell.dc=example.dc=com" and greyed out as well.

So my question is that it seems like I cannot make my own tree because I planned to use "o" as my top level container object and "ou" for the next level and so on. But because I have put "example.com" as my domain name, the installation calculated the context as dc=example.dc=com and at the same time created my tree as such. Greying the fields out also means that I cannot decide the context of my admin user or my server.

So the obvious question that follows since I can't find any threads talking about this matter is that can I change my admin or server context later on? Probably move the relevant objects in iManager? To my understanding this will cause disastrous result. Therefore I am wondering how everybody else does it, do they just leave that as their tree structure or am I missing something in order to make my own tree.

Thanks in advance,