Hi all.

Let me explain our setup.

We are migrating our old NetWare 6.5 SP7 infrastructure to new machines based on SLES10 SP3 + OES2 SP2a.

Right now we have 2 SLP DA on OES2 only. The NetWare machines are aiming to these linux machines. Well, in fact, all the machines (OES2, Netware, and Windows clients) are aiming to these two DAs. We have static SLP files on the 2 DA to load the SLP services on reboot automatically. We have two clusters. One based on NetWare (the one we are migrating from) and the other cluster based on OES2, where whe are migrating to.

Well, there are resources (filesystems) mounted on the NetWare cluster, and others mounted on the new OES2 cluster.

The resources (both, from netware and from oes) are accessible from all the workstations via SLP resolution. All login scripts maps the correct volumes. No trouble at this point.

Additionally, we have one NetStorage based on Netware, and the new NetStorage based on OES2. And here is the issue.

When a user logs on the netware netstorage it maps all the volumes (very sloooowly) but only those mounted on the netware cluster are showing files on the right panel of netstorage web interface. Clicking on the volume mounted on the linux cluster, leaves the right panel blank. No error is displayed. If i replace the map in the login script with the DNS name or the ip of the resource, the login is super fast, and all volumes are correctly displayed and accessed.

I think i've tried everything i've found on CoolSolutions, TIDs, forums, with no luck at all. I don't want to fight with SLP anymore. I will drop it if necessary. I will be happy enough with DNS resolution, but the netware netstorage does not do it by default, and i don't want to modify hundreds of legacy login scripts.

Do you know how can i force the NetWare netstorage to resolve by DNS (not by SLP) without modify all the login scripts?

Many thanks!!