I am not very adept at memory tuning on Netware, so I am hoping the community may be able to help.

I have a NW 6.5 SP7 server running a single large GW8.0.1PO and MTA. Every three weeks the the MTA connections start flapping and client connections get dropped. A server restart is usually what I have to perform in order to get things working properly.

There is only one thing that stands out at me when I start to have problems, and that is the fact that virtual memory usage is a t 100%, physical memory us is 0%. I figured this is something that developed over time, but 100% virtual memory usage was reached after only 1.5 days after my last reboot. The server still seems responsive, but I know it will not last.

I have 4 GB of RAM on the server. The FC SAN lun that hosts the mail volume is 834 GB. Sys volume 10GB. I am not loading GW in protected memory. Virtual memory is only loaded on the sys volume.

I only started having these problems after changing the way we do backups. We recently installed Backup Exec 2010, and started doing online backups. Prior to this, we performed offline backups with the agents shutdown. Ran it this way for years, hardly ever had to restart the server.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.