I want to create folders to organize my bundles in ZCM running on SLES 11. In the Web administration Utility, I go to Bundles, click 'New | Folder' get the dialog, in the New Folder Name field, I put in the name of the folder I want such as 'Installs', in the 'Folder' field I put in /bundles/Installs, then click 'OK. I get an error telling me:

Cannot create the folder for the following reasons: https://venus.ria.buffalo.edu:444/ze..._status_16.gifThe object entered either does not exist, is not allowed, or is not a valid type of object for this operation.

Do I have to manually create the folder somewhere on the linux server first under 'bundles'? If so, where the bundles folder is on Linux? I've searched for it and can't find it.