- We are not able to logon to our external entities with webaccess (only with delegate option in the client)
- We have a password policy set to an edir object "login.policy", so this is for everyone.
on the password policy we've configured "periodic password change"=90 "require password"=yes /etc.
- We are authenticate to groupwise /edirectory with LDAP, so external entities should be use Groupwise password.

I have 2 questions:
- I want to disable the password policy "periodic password change" for this external entities.
Is it true that password policies are affected for external entities and if yes how can i exclude that, since i cannot assign a password policy to groupwise objects (only to users)

- I'm not able to login to the external entities with webaccess "mailbox not available" while i set manual the groupwise password in the external entity object. But i see that direct after that the password policy set the periodic password change to "current date/time"

How can i solve this, what's the best practice for this.