Hi there,

We managed to get our 5.0/5.1 & 6.0 tree over av WAN moved
to a BM3.7 VPN based solution.

Everything's working really good, finally,,,

Though, just one issue or maybe,, question,,

with a site-to-site VPN for 1 tree with 1 master & 2 slaves,
are a client -to - site VPN connection ment to be able to connect
to all the servers...??

That is;
central network = with the master works ok from client,
branch network1 = 1st slave does not work from client,
branch network1 = 2nd slave does not work from client,

In nwadmin, protected networks are all the above,
192.168.0,192.168.1 and 192.168.2

On site, all clients on all 3 sites can access all resources,
but,, from the VPN client, only the central installation seems

Is this "as designed" and demands client to site on the slaves also,
or,, should I start troubleshooting...??