Workstations: Win2kSP2 / CL3.82sp2, IP-Only for the client.

at a customer after applying NW6SP3, BM3.6SP2A, TCP607j.EXE
now the users in the small branch site (above the left one)
report the following:

- Login Scripts of the VPMASTER's site run, but no
mappings show up
- users can use map.exe to do mappings successfully
- the Trustees tab in the Explorer's properties show
effective rights for that folder = -RWCEMF-
- trying to create / delete subfolders is successful
- trying to create a New, Text Document fails with
Folder is write protected
- copying a file from CMD box tells cannot be created when
it already exists
- Properties of the mapped drive, NW Vol Info shows up
correctly the used and free space
- using the same eDir User Object for a local login
at the VPMASTERS site works fine.
- at the NW-Server at the VPMASTERs site hosting the
volume giving that troubles presents for that user
just ONE entry in connetions, and this one shows a '*'
- activating intruder detection at the VPMASTERs site
presents correctly the IP address of the VPCLIENT site's
workstation the password was mistyped intentionally
several times. Last Login Time is correct in user
object and license last used.
- At the VPMASTERs site there are 34 unused free licenses
- At the VPMASTERs site there is one license occupied
by that user object used from the VPSLAVES site to
login to the remote Tree.
- DSREPAIR -a doen't show any errors, local DB already repaired
NetWork Addresses as well.

Any Ideas??

Rudolf Thilo
GaPo GmbH
Am Zollwasen 6
97353 Wiesentheid