During the upgrade from GroupWise 7.03 to GroupWise 8.02 please pay attention to the following for Netware Platform only:

During the upgrade:
1) Make sure you upgrade the domain first.
2) Check the ConsoleOne to make sure the database version of the domain says 8.0
3) After you upgrade the post office make sure the c1 says that the database version is 8.0
4) If the upgrade of Webaccess hangs do the following:
b) REM GroupWise agents
c) Restart Server
d) Unload Java
e) Make Copy of Tomcat/4/webapps/gw folder
f) Make Copy of Novell/GroupWise/Webaccess/webacc.cfg file
g) Run the Webaccess install
5) After wall is done and groupWise is up, to avoid the server abending during the document indexing make sure you add the following switch to the post office /nodca without quotations.

If someone has something to add please do so.
Thank you