I have GW 8.01 system, I want to add another "New" Post Office on a Windows 2008r2 Server.
I do this:
1. Setup new Windows 2008 R2 with a 2nd Drive for the Post office.
2. Move Server to Right OU in AD
3. Patch Server, add Antivirus Installed Novell Client.
4. Create folder on 2nd drive for post office then shared with EVERYONE
5. Copy Software Distribution folder to New Server (in a temporary folder).
6. In ConsoleOne Create New POST OFFICE
Post Office Name: POBOX7
Container: PO.Groupwise.XXXX
Post office Database Location: \\newservername\pobox77\ (Shared folder on 2nd drive).
Language: English-US
TimeZone : GMT-05:00 Eastern Time
Software Distribution Directory: Main Software Location
Post Office Agent Platform: Windows
Click OK button
Post Office Link: TCP/IP Link <Next>
POA Network Address : IP Address
Client Server Port: 1677
Message Transfer port :7101
Http Port: 7181
7. Click the Finish Button
(The Structure gets Built in the new server shared folder. Verifed the POA is Microsoft Not Netware in C1.
Made sure IIS is installed and running on new Windows Server.

8. Run Groupwise Setup.exe in Software Distribution Directory in the Temporary folder location on new server.
9. Select Install GroupWise System.
10. Install Type : Standard, click Next Button.
11. Install Individual components. Removed Check for GW Administration.
12. Platform Windows.
13. Install Path D:\POBOX7\
DB Path is same as Install path.
Use Local System account.
14. Add Post Office Info: POBOX7
Path to database: D:\POBOX7
15. Select Use local system account
16. Select Startup type: Automatic
17. English, English, Next
All looks Great at this point.........
Go to Services.msc , locate the POBOX7 POA service. Start the Service, then I get the message
"Windows could not start the POBOX7 POA service on the Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

1. What might be a fault?
2. How can I delete the POBOX7 POA Service to begin again? the uninstall feature didn't remove it.