Just upgraded to 8.0.2HP1 from 7.0.3 and have a user with a strange issue.
She can use "mailto" for every program except one, which ties into Windows
Messaging. Clicking the "send email" button in the program will pop up the
messaging profile box containing "Novell GroupWise" but then just hang out
until you end the program.

I have unininstalled/reinstalled GW, wms, installed Outlook client, copied
profiles, reinstalled the program in question, put mapi32.dll in the
groupwise folder. Nothing works. I got the Outlook client to work
momentarily but it's a PIA to even use that.

This worked fine on 7.0.3 and works fine on other computers running the same
programs. The only difference I can come up with is the computer with the
issue is 64 bit. The operating system is Windows 7.

I need to come up with some sort of solution other than her having to save
the file as an attachment and email it manually. Any suggestions would be