One of my colleagues received this email today to explain why the
recently upgraded software was having problems:

"I took the information from the call and spoke with one of the top
<redacted> experts with <redacted>. I explained the situation
surrounding what we tried and the fact that Novell was install on some
of your workstations.

The bottom line is this. Even if Novell is not installed on your server
or on the Windows 7 workstation that you installed (vendor name deleted
to protect the guilty) today, the fact that it exists in your network is
what is interfering with running across the networks. The only solution
is to eliminate Novell from the equation and this will require a Novell
Certified technician."

Oh - so to get your application to work we only need to decommission 100
Netware servers and migrate 15,000 users and 10's of TB of data to an
alternative NOS so that the THREE users of your application can work on
a network un-contaminated by Novell packets???

- I will resist asking for details on the exact nature of the interference.
- I will resist pointing out that the other hundreds of apps running on
the network have no issues with the presence of Novell on the network.
- I pity the poor Novell Certified Tech that has to do that migration
...... Oh d*m - that's me

(Courtesy of our now ex-governor, all state agencies are being migrated
to a hosted Exchange system so as to "save money". The fact that the
hosted solution is going to be 3-4x more expensive for my client than GW
maintenance is irrelevant. The $0 in savings and $M's involved in
converting - irrelevant. Oh - and now that GW is gone, what do we need
Novell for? Start planning to migrate to Windows .... a test migration
of ONE Netware volume to windows only took 9 days to copy the data -
ooooooh I'm in for such fun times ........ )

So, after we do the migration, who wants to take the bet that the issue
is that we once had Novell installed, and there are still bits of it
stuck in the ether ?