WinXP (and Win7) with GW client 8.02 - all in German

A customer has a good structured mailbox with dozens or hundreds of folders.

Now he wants to modify the layout of ALL folders: he wants to see the column From, To,Cc (discription see below)

He can modify the layout of each folder - BUT how can he assign the changed Layout to ALL other folders withOUT modifying the display setting of EACH folder.

Detailed description in German and Enlish:

German: OrdnerEigenschaften - Tab Anzeigen - WeitereAnzeigeeinstellungen - SpaltenBearbeiten - SpaltenHinzufügen - <OK> - <OK> - SpeichernUnter - "Alle Nachrichten" (default) --

English (Translation): FolderProperties - Tab Display - AdditionalDisplayOptions - ChangeColumns - AddColumns - <OK> - <OK> - SaveAs - "All Messages" (default)

Now the layout of that folder is changed.

When selecting another folder I can modify the display layout:
- Temporary: Anzeigen - Anzeigeeinstellungen - Auswählen - "Alle Nachrichten" - <OK> (English: Display - DisplayOptions - Select - "All Messages" - <OK> --- BUT that layout it LOST after leaving the folder
- Permanent: Anzeigen - Anzeigeeinstellungen - BearbeitenErstellen - "Alle Nachrichten" - <OK> (English: Display - DisplayOptions - CreateModify - "All Messages" - <OK> --- that layout it kept after leaving the folder.

Is there an easier way to change it on dozens of folders without modifying each and any folder individually??

Not even new folders get the modified layout.

with kind regards Klaus