Hello all,

we are currently looking for a way to migrate our user data from our Netware server to a 2008R2 server.
So far everything is running fine, except one thing... the login script...
I wrote some powershell script to migrate all the data and set the rights, so far no problem.
But when the data is migrated, the user has to have a new mapping to that folder.
For now we only use novell login scripts 'MAP ROOT H:=SERVERNAME/DATA:/users/%CN'
I also created a windows logon-script that maps the H: to the MS server
'net use h:\ \\servername\users\%username%'

For some reason, the windows logon-script is not executed at logon.
Has any of you guys a good ieda on how to make the data migration easy?
A big-bang migration is not something we want to do.