Hello NG

I have the following Problem with SonicWall Soho2. The Soho2 is
to NAT the Client DHCP (CableModem).

On the Sonicwall I defined the Access Rules for the Netware
VPN-Client. The VPN Client did connect to the Boardermanager
Handshakes were
successfull but unfortunatelly the VPN Client doesn't run. I mean, I
couldn't Ping a Server on the target side and no maps were possible. I
different test and I gave full Access, I mean no restrictions in the
Rules. The VPN Client doesn't still run. Connecting to the internet
the Sonic Firewall, the Boardermanager VPN Client did run well. Ping
on the
target Server and mappings were possible. Where could be here the

For yor tips I thank you in advance

With regards

Ramon Lustrati