I have just installed SLES10 and OES2 on my first server. I have installed a new tree using YaST. I have also installed iManager.

After everything is well and set, I decided to go ahead and install Hylafax in the SBE through the web install. When I am done selecting the Hylafax it says that I must install eDirectory as well since Hylafax depends on it. So I thought it would have detected I already have a tree installed on this machine.

However there is only four options:
New Tree
New Tree Advanced
Existing Tree
Remote Tree

Now I thought Existing Tree suits my situation most so I went ahead with it, though I know it meant an existing tree on a different server, but there is no better choice. However then it prompted me for Organization name, which I suppose it's asking for the name of my "o" container, which I don't have on my tree. So mildly confused, I put in the name of my topmost container (which is a "dc"). Then it prompted me for my Workstation context, LUM config object context and Users context, which all of them I don't have on the tree.

So I guess the question is what is it trying to do? Is it trying to create containers and modify my tree? Why wouldn't it know that I already have a tree installed? I didn't go ahead with the installation with all the horror stories I have heard on the SBE forum here.