We are among those faced with the decision of whether or not to
upgrading to 10.3.2 (from 10.3.1).

I would like to upgrade, specifically because of TID 7007508 "Poor
Performance when ZCM uses Oracle database". I didn't really realize we
had especially poor performance, I just thought zen10 was like that :)

On the other hand, we will be running a Windows 7 project this year and
it's possible we need to upgrade to Zen 11.0, before 11.1 is released...
then I should stick to 10.3.1.

So I guess my question is two-fold. First, how do I know if I am
affected by this Oracle poor performance issue (and is there a separate

Second, is there any timeframe at all for ZCM 11.1?

Phillip E. Thomas