I am curious if anybody has been successful just running an "update" of the GW 7.0x client to th e GW 8.0x client? I know I have read what seems like a fair amount of problems people have had trying this. I have had assorted problems with everyone I have tried to update this way so far. My impression is that a successful update seems take an unistall of the GW7 client, running Cleanit!, then a reboot and new install of the GW8 client.

First, is this the generally accepted practice currently for updates from 7 to 8 clients (Uninstall/CleanIt!/reboot/Install)?

Second, I am not much of a "script" writer myself, but believe I have seen some pretty elaborate uninstall/install scripts from contributors in the past that may address this (that might have been for Novell Windows client installs, not GW possibly).

Third, why can't Novell write a "Good" .msi script that doesn't mangle these upgrades? If memory serves, this has been an ongoing issue at least since the GW7 clients.

I would appreciate anyone's opinions or experiences.