This CIFS access is essential for this site, at least quite nice, that it's friday
after hours... :-//

This is a NW6.5.8 server. It was running smoothly for about two years now.

It's hosting a nss volume, that's accessed through CIFS from a Win2003-R2 x64 server
without any issue for a long row of months. That one is running PSP [1], delivering
CAD documents to the CAD workstations. (that's why it's essential: Currently they
wouldn't be able to work, as the PSP has no access to it's documents...)

After I applied eDir, reboot, then 8.8.5_p5, the CIFS NLM is still loading
but it's no more accessible from Win Boxes without NWClient, neither using the
hosname (\\goenw07-w), nor the IP address (\\

After the eDir Up the local iManager of that server didn't login any more.
TID7001244 did the trick (c:\nwserver\startup.ncf, env NDSD_TRY_NMASLOGIN_FIRST=true)

iManager shows, that CIFS is *NOT* running on that server.
Clicking "Start" *DOES* load cifs, CIFSPROX, nfap4nrm, when not loaded, but the
status in iMgr remains "Cifs not loaded".


The logger screen shows startup information, that doesn't match the documented
settings, that were active before:

Loading module CIFS.NLM
CIFS Semantic Agent (Build 163 MP)
Version 3.27 13 November 2008
Copyright 1987-2008 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Nov 13 2008, 09:39:31
CIFSNLM: Configured from command line
CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:
Server - "GOENW07_W" (it was GOENW07-W)
Comment - "NAS Appliance CIFS Server"
Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"
Domain - "WORKGROUP" (this was "goepfert" before)
Oplocks - Enabled
DFS - Disabled
Unicode - Enabled
Domain Add-on - Disabled
SMB Signatures - Disabled
Share point - "Export All mounted Volumes"
The share point "_ADMIN" is now active on volume _ADMIN.
The share point "SYS" is now active on volume SYS.
The share point "TBMPSPDATA" is now active on volume TBMPSPDATA.
Module CIFS.NLM load status OK
Loading module CIFSPROX.NLM
NMAS Proxy for CIFS (Build 163 MP)
Version 3.27 13 November 2008

This way I can't admin the cifs stuff.

Every some minutes the logger screen get's another one of these lines:

-> CIFS: Unable to connect Primary Domain Controller ""

a domain controller wasn't configured at any time, and I can't remember, that I've
seen such lines on the logger screen before.

Any suggestions mostly appreciated, Regards, Rudi.

[1] PSP: Product Stream Professional.