I setup a Vibe onPrem server on 2008 r2 and connected it to eDir via LDAP and was able to log users in just fine. The problem is that when I go to create a team workspace, I can't get it to assign members via an eDir group. It won't even try to look for the group in question. It will only allow groups that are unique to vibe but I don't want groups in vibe at all. I want all groups to be manged by eDir.

On the Configure LDAP Synchronization page I have all the options checked when it comes to group options which are:
Synchronize Group Profiles
Register LDAP Group Profiles Automatically
Synchronize Group Membership
Delete Local Groups That Are Not in LDAP

I want to use eDir as means to assign people to groups which in turn would give them rights to certain teams.

Any pointers?