Hi, I've posted a similar query recently, but this one keeps getting

I have a BM35 server which is the only slave in a VPN and is sitting
in its
own tree. The tree is legacy (but in production) and I want to move
server object into the existing tree (the master is already there), it
the only object left in the old tree that is being used. Past forum
have been helpful in confirming that if I move the server into our
tree, all its NDS BM settings will be lost, including the VPN
Therefore as soon as I take this server out of its tree the VPN will
down, and I will not be able to insert it into the preferred tree as
it will
not be able to see it. Geographically it is not practical to bring the

server into the office where themaster is located. There is another
server located on site with the BM box, but it is in the new tree.
This will
also lose connectivity with the rest of the network once the VPN goes
but it does have a copy of all replicas. Will this be sufficient to
the BM server into the tree? I imagine the ring has to be complete.

Any thoughts appreciated.