We have the latest code for data sync and most of our POs/MTAs are 8.0.2 HP2, some are only 8.0.2.

Most users are working, however, we have some that have just stopped working. The server states they are synced and connecting, but nothing is coming to the phone. We have checked the mailboxes, and no errors with GWCheck.

We have removed users, and readded them to the DS server, however when they first connect, it shows the last time they connected.

I suspect there is something wrong with the DS data base. Does anyone have any cleaning utilities to help clean it up, in case that is the issue?

We do have an open ticket with Novell and are escalating now, as it seems to be getting worse, but thought I would post here to see if anyone else had the same or similar issues and knew of some solutions.

I will post what it ends up being.