Quick question on VPNs. Finally got my Bordermanager VPN to work thru

my PIX firewall by being a little creative...by VPNing within a VPN.
To explain, the connection goes from my ISP > PIX 515 > Bordermanager3.7 > Internal network.

I have enabled VPN on both the PIX and Bordermanager servers so I
connect to the PIX VPN and then to my Bordermanager VPN (within the
PIX VPN). The PIX vpn is darned quick, but connecting to my BMEE boxis almost too slow to consider useful. I can run programs, but drivemappings come and go and launching any executable from the internal
network takes forever.

Poking around the posts, I notice I'm not the only one with this setup

and I have to assume there's a better way of doing this or that I'm
missing something. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it!