1. Fresh install Windows2008R2 (name = b04winterm07)
2. Apply all updates over windows update
3. insall NW client2(SP1)
4. install ZCm10.3.2 agent on this server
5. configure this WIN2008R2 for allow connect over msterminal
6. Reboot B04winterm07
7. again reboot b04winterm07
1) In the ZCM create DLU and assign for user: team1 + filte - only for b04winterm07
2) user team1 from the remote WS run msterm and connected to the WIN2008R2
3) user team1 select context, put password and LOGIN in to the NW client - OK
4) after this always UP ZCM window with ask: PASSWORD ??

In the WIN2003(x32) this is was OK..

Please, help me.

4) after