OK,, previous thread was regarding me beeing senile or if it was a bug

AND IT IS !!!!

Wtf..:?? Novell this stuff is DANGEROUS

Just now, after updating another customer to HP2 and latest build of
Mobility, we are getting calls from user's stating,,,

"uh...?,,, I've lost one week of mails," or...

"the last 2 weeks of mail's are gone "...

So, Mobility = DANGER !!!!!

What we DO know now, since we "fortunately" now have different users
at different client's affected IS;

1. This seems to be a Nokia E75 (and maybe E72) issue.

2. This happens IF a user chooses the resync and/or re-initialize

IF these 2 above comes into play with LATEST mobility build, then when
GW empties the phone, it deletes the exact same amount of mails from
the users GW account.

This seems very much like the impression I had, I've choosen to keep 2
weeks of mail on the phone = 2 weeks of mail gone from Groupwise.
Now, from the customer, we get calls regarding mostly 1 week of mail
since that is their standard.

Luckily enough, it seems that the missing mails can be found in the
trash in the gwclient as long as this isnt emptied.

My guess,, some mix up in the code, so when the phone is emptied
through the resync/re-initialize, it then (correctly) removes the 1 or
2 weeks of mail, BUT then send this "change" as 1 or 2 weeks of mail =
deleted back to groupwise.

An SR will be opened NOW, I'll post back as soon as I got more.