Hi all,

i recently tested dbcopy and it really does a copy not a sync. Is there a
switch to use it for syncing ?
I have to migrate several large postoffices from Netware to OES and there is
some time between first and second copy. Between the copies will be a lot of
file deletion by users and these files remain on the new server even after
the second copy. How can i get rid of them ?
Otherwise it would be better only to do a -s sync without the first one
(with consequences for downtime).
If syncing is not possible, would it be possible to migrate only the domain
with mta and postoffices with agents one by one ? There are one domain, 5
postoffices and a document storage area on the Netwareserver. Transferring
them weekly one by one would save a lot of downtime.

Another question: I'm using Novell Data Synchronizer on 4 of these 5
postoffices. Does the migration one by one interfere with it ? Because there
is only one soap port configured in Data Synchronizer.

Thank you for any answer