Greetings, updates our NW65SP8 server from GW8SP1HP1 to GW8SP2HP2 Friday night, server end OK so decided to update my Win7 PC with the client. During the installation I received a dialog box stating "Files in Use" listing Symantec AntiVirus / Symantec Endpoint Protection / Symantec Event Manager / Symantec User Session (I run SEP on this PC), and giving me the choice "Automatically close and attempt to restart applications." or "Do not close applications. (A reboot will be required).". As the default was the auto close/restart one I went with that first (as most users would do) and it managed to shut down some apps (received warnings from their monitors) but GW setup told me it couldn't shut down all of them, but then the setup seemed to completed OK. I didn't start GW, instead I restarted my PC, ran SETUP again, and this time chose the 2nd option (which requires a reboot), this one went without any user scaring warnings and at the end suggested a reboot, the client seems to run OK.

So what I'd like to know, is there a config option that I can enable that will automatically choose the 2nd option "Do not close applications. (A reboot will be required).", or at least make it the default? I can put in an email to the users to be sure to always choose the 2nd option but we all know how that will go and I don't want to start getting all these calls...

Thanks in advance