OK, here is a LONG description of our problem.

1. VPN Server (Dell 1650 Netware 6.0 SP3 eDir 8.6.2 SP3 BorderManager

3.7 SP2).
2. VPN Client v3.7.2.
3. Network Setup: (IP Addresses are fictitious for the third octet
but are correct for the fourth. Also, they follow

the actual demarcations in our environment.)
a. WAN - WAN is behind a Cisco router with no firewall. The
has two IP Ports.
(1). Port 1 - Supports WAN connection to BM Server. IP
XXX.XXX.45.62 (Mask
(2). Port 2 - BM Server connection for Private Address. IP
Address XXX.XXX.65.113 (Mask
b. Switch - Cisco IP Address XXX.XXX.65.115 (Mask

c. BM Server - Public Address XXX.XXX.65.114 (Mask
Public Address XXX.XXX.65.65 (Mask

d. Switch - Cisco IP Address XXX.XXX.65.77 (Mask e. IP Router - Cisco Router with no firewall. IP Address on port XXX.XXX.65.78 (Mask

Now the problem, if I place a Win2k PC on the "d." switch with an IP address of XXX.XXX.65.75, I am able to connect to the VPN server and pcAnywhere to my work PC (Address XXX.XXX.45.145). However, I'm not
to Login to the Novell Network. If I place a Win98 PC on the same
switch, I am able to do both. Both PC's have the latest Novell Client

and VPN client. I have admin rights to the Win2K PC.

However, when I go to my home PC (Dell Dimension 8250 WinXP - all
applied), I'm able to connect to the VPN. However, I can't connect to

the Network or pcAnyWhere to my work PC. I have ComCast Cable and am

directly connected to the Modem (although I have a Dell router, but
that's another problem).

The BM server isn't the DA but is pointed to the DA. All Netware
have the DA information in their Hosts file and in the Novell
client "Service Location" Scope List and Directory Agent List. This
another server with an address of XXX.XXX.45.251.

Hopefully this isn't overwhelming information, but sufficient to set

QUESTION: Why isn't this working? It was prior to two weeks ago, but

doesn't now. No changes were made to Fitlters.