I'm trying to setup a W2k VPN server behind BM, with clients accessing
from Internet. Thus, I have VPN client->Internet->NW5.0 with BM -
interface with NAT static and dynamic with a secondary (public) IP
address pointing to the (internal) address of the VPN server. Setup
(PPTP) the filter exceptions for TCP port 1723 and IP protocol 47
ways). Checked the filter logs on BM and IP traffic on VPN server and
the communication on port 1723 between the client and the internal IP

address of the VPN server ok, but the traffic on protocol 47 happened

only between the client and the public address of the VPN server. No traffic on protocol 47 on the VPN server. The client gets stuck
on "Verifying username and password" and the connection fails. It
like protocol 47 is NOT routed to the internal server at all.
Any input would be great. Thanks!